"Ah - you've captured it! It was actually the most memorable part of the trip for me - we marveled at how the brutal elements of granite, ice and water created this beautiful green meadow - one of the most magical places on earth I think!" – Rae Braden, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, NWT (re "Fairy Meadows @ Vampire Peaks" - Nahanni 2018 - “Land of the Dene” Series

"I am so grateful for artists like you, who add so much beauty to the universe." – Dr. Paul Thiessen

"I love looking at it ("Velveteen Spring") every day, and enjoying the colours and scene. I never thought I would ever have an original of yours. It is beautiful!" – Mary Jo Campbell

“I love your work, like looking at music.” – Jayne, St. John

“Her work is completely fearless.” – CBI Client, BC

“What we like about Sharon’s work are the colours she uses and the combination of realism and abstraction.” 
– Artworks Client, BC

“Warm, golden light and bold brushstrokes make her canvases inviting and dramatic.” – Artworks Gallery, BC

“Your work reminds me a bit of Emily Carr’s works, but more flowing, colourful and cheerful.”
– Steven Pelech, Kinexus Bioinformatics

“My heart warms every time I am close to my “Dreamboat”. It is magically calming – and oh – so inviting – to just SAIL away.” – Evelyn Cervi

“We have the painting on our family room wall above the fireplace. In different lights the painting looks great. Thanks again!” – Cliff Barber

“The fluidity of vibrant colors takes one beyond the canvas boundaries.” – Effusion Art Gallery, BC

“Sharon Quirke’s exceptionally rich worlds are sure to stir the imagination and offer reprieve from the ordinary.” – Icosahedron Gallery, NY

“Great, ingenious, and well-executed work.” – Charles Jos Biviano, VA

“Sharon Quirke draws on west coast inspiration” – Catholine Butler, The Celtic Connection

 “Thank-you for your truly magical paintings; they have so much life and happy energy. I just love the transformation that your art has given my home.” - Jackie Tuskey, West Vancouver, BC

“Your newer style has captured me beyond words. As a musician and art lover, there is little that I see anywhere that compares to your West and East coast visions.” – Suzanne Clayton, West Vancouver, BC

“Her vibrant artwork portrays her passion for the beauty of our natural landscape.” – Effusion Art Gallery, BC

“We never thought we would be the proud owners of such beautiful art!” – Kim Allan, BC

“Congratulations! I come to feel your spirit and the fresh air.” – Yukari Fujiwara, BC

“Exploring landscape through ephemeral sensations and moments, Sharon Quirke captures the fleeting elements of time and place in brightly colored landscapes rendered in vivid strokes reminiscent of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Berlin street scenes.” – Icosahedron Gallery, NY

“West Van artist, Sharon Quirke, operates under the influence of the Canadian North.” – North Shore News

"Quirke is very successful in rendering the beauty of the North." – The Yellowknifer, NWT

“Her visual language originates from the search for the heartland of lively, dynamic living." - Artworks Gallery, BC

“It’s like eye candy. It’s an exquisite treat for residents of the territories and people from all over the world.” - The Yellowknifer, NWT

“Your work has always been so strong and lovely and full of truth.” - Ingunn Kemble, BC

“Sharon Quirke explores the metaphysical meanings associated with things buried. Her images are linked with fears and sorrows, pleasures and fantasies. She hints at the drama staged in the human soul.” – Mignon Smienk, BC

“A jungle-esque world of color, fluidity, and pure perfection.” – Robert Berry, NY

“Her painting speaks clearly with one message” – The Valley Echo, BC

“Quirke’s acrylic paintings shine with flair.” – The Valley Echo, BC

“Leading the world of abstract landscape art, Jos Biviano, Judith Lane-Ewing, and Sharon Quirke are visionary pedestals in their respective art forms.” – Icosahedron Gallery, NY