“The rush of beauty that infuses each captured moment sustains and directs us.”

The North has always beckoned me. Its mystery and grandeur, and the complex history of its people, have been a part of discovering who I am as a Canadian and as an artist.

On recent trips to northern mainland Canada – on the Ungava Bay, in Yellowknife and the Nahanni Park Reserve, in Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk – I have explored the land and heart of the original peoples of our nation. The Mackenzie and Peel river deltas, the Torngat and Richardson mountain ranges and the Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean are rich in beauty, culture and narrative.

There is a purity of presence in the North.  In summer, buffs, blues and turquoises are softened by ubiquitous light. Silver reflections and ocean zephyrs animate the air. In winter, colourful shadows dance on multi-toned frozen whites. The ambiguity between sky, ocean and land creates a sense of unity with the universe that satisfies the soul.

My northern adventures and west coast experiences are at the heart of every piece I paint. With senses wide open to the floods of images and transformations, I take what moves me and then, with acrylic paint on canvas, share it with you. Emotions and colours are layered on canvases that move with the fluidity and unexpected sensations of light. The unattainable goal of capturing movement has become my life’s work.

Welcome to my updated website. I hope you feel the call of the North in my latest work and find inspiration in our vast homeland. If you have any feedback or inquiries, do contact me. I’d be happy to hear from you.

Sharon Quirke

June 2019

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