On a recent trip to the Broughton Archipelago, a friend asked if I had my sketchbook with me. “Not this time,” I replied. The palette of dazzling sea, grand cedars and disappearing guillemots was enough.  I was the blank canvas for the experience of One Tree Island, Mamalilaculla and Blackfish Sound.

Back in town, I came in from the garden later that week, rejuvenated by scents of oxygen-breathing greens blasts of sunshine. The link between experience and art struck me.  As I was pulling Cotinus twigs from my braid and scrubbing my fingernails, I was thinking that these moments in the garden or in the back alley, on the water or in the rainforest are the essence of any art form that evokes a response.  

My west coast experiences are at the heart of every piece I paint. With senses wide open to floods of images, sensations and transformations, I take what moves me and then, with acrylic paint on canvas, share it with you. 

Welcome to my updated website. I hope you like the new look, and enjoy the latest boat and sail pieces. If you have feedback or inquiries, do contact me. I’d be glad to hear from you. 

Sharon Quirke

July 2015

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